gambling with hearts: gotta know when to hold ‘em & when to fold ‘em. welcome to monte carlo!


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summer is over

summer is over…
but at least we’re not.

so i wrote some songs…[about you]

20140916-002147.jpg20140916-002205.jpgfavorite cover up & swimmers by victoria’s secret. guitar by epiphone. white baseball cap bought on the island of capri, italy.

exploring the beaches of of east new york, long island: jones’ tobay beach & robert moses. the latter had a very nantucket feel to it, specifically madaket. or should i say vice versa. oh ack.

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september 11th.

“a flag for your pocket so you can always carry a little piece of home. we are praying for you and we are proud of you. thank you for defending our country and our freedom.”

let’s never forget. let’s stay strong, or find that strength again, together.

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carmen marc valvo

love me, shoot me, leave me.

story of the fashionable life.

camera bombardment outside lincoln center.

they: “what are you wearing?”
me: “oh, last night’s dress.”

super classy jokester. it was fun til a few did some close ups on my toes & shoes. “ok, thank you boys. that’ll be all for now.”

20140908-121907.jpgbackstage pass, viewing the team prep the runway & lights for a smooth show.

20140908-122050.jpgcarmen marc valvo.

20140908-122239.jpgpicture of you taking a picture of me.

20140908-122318.jpgphotographers taking their positions.

20140908-122412.jpgthe mastermind himself, carmen marc valvo & fam!

20140908-122428.jpgmodel boys just hanging.

20140908-122506.jpgthe look book board for the models of the show. hi skye!

[not my best] selfie with mister carmen himself, we’ll sort of :D i should have said hi!

show’s about to start!

20140908-160404.jpgsome of my favorite pieces but everything was so beautiful, so glam.

20140908-161018.jpgloved the show. bravo, bravissimo carmen!!!

and thank you to my dear friend who invited me yo this glorious show with backstage access & festivities!

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amalfi coast

words cannot even accurately express this beauty that is the amalfi coast…

one of the towns along the amalfi coast: positano…

then there’s ravello…

highlight: this magical resort, the belmond hotel caruso20140818-224814.jpgsilky, sweet infinity pool overlooking opulence.20140818-230420.jpga panoramic with an accidental photobomber.20140818-230517.jpgone with the lil sister…is this real life?20140818-230554.jpgreunited with my dear friend, terren. follow her for breath-taking views, crazy hikes & adventures around the world.20140818-230649.jpgsome daytime brunching & relaxing, why not.20140818-230724.jpg

i love menus with no prices – it’s always a pleasant surprise when you get the check.

20140818-231240.jpgwinners for the peach bellini contest. so delicious.
20140818-231307.jpghelp yourself at the salad bar20140818-231326.jpgor indulge in the special of the day: seafood pasta20140818-231345.jpgor order the vongole that we’ve been obsessively ordering at every single restaurant in search of the best all across italy. we found one here in florence.20140818-231412.jpgafter crying over the fact that this vacation will be over soon absorbing the beauty around me, a restroom break was in order. i could also take a shower. all the personal toiletries were available too. what more can i possibly need?20140818-231433.jpg
selfie done right with the gopro camera + selfie stick with the best hosts ever.20140818-231454.jpggoodbye for now.20140818-231520.jpg
no wait…20140818-224348.jpg
i can live here.

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tribute to the greats…

new lyrics:

glass walls paper trails small doors evil prevails
pink sheets hard knocks wake up early morning talks
big plans bigger dreams lost sound muffled screams
private jets city lights honking horns island life
mask and hide run & shout not everything always works itself out

too many leave too soon — by choice, by accident, by predisposed conditions, by fate — regardless, each & every single one, special in their own way, special to those around them, special to those moved by them all across the world.

please tell us that you haven’t really given up yet
don’t leave us it’s not time to go it’s not your last set

if death by suicide, whatever the underlying demons may be, i believe many of those premature deaths could have been [and therefore should always be] prevented or even further delayed if the necessary & sufficient support and help was available.

there can be complete darkness…and then you can find light. the battle may be more difficult than you’ve ever imagined & may even seem impossible but you can. it’s true. we can.

flowers grow angels fall people cheat nature calls
fancy yachts blotted ink power draughts & broken syncs
mermaid runs lights retreat smoking kills with weak defeat
lipstick red million lies, figure me out you win in life
moving up slowin down hurry up or i’ll steal the crown

20140812-034710.jpgrest in peace robin williams. you’re a genie-us and your brilliance lives on. thank you for the laughs.
rest in peace leslie cheung — hong kong superstar, true mover & shaker of his time. founder of cantopop & definition of beyond sexy. watch days of being wild and happy together for starters. listen to his beautiful cover of a classic chinese song here.
rest in peace anita mui — hong kong superstar, mover & shaker of the same era, dubbed as the madonna of asia. my all-time favorite song of hers here.
leslie cheung + anita mui [sporting a fake 'stache, nbd] = hong kong royalty + cantopop & cinema heaven. both unafraid to take risks in their roles, their careers, constantly pushing boundaries while challenging & inspiring their audience. their music is available on spotify. treat yourself to some of their classic films for a true hk cinematic experience. you can start with the award-winning rouge.
rest in peace heath ledger. “you’re just too good to be true…”

there is always meaning & purpose. let’s overcome the obstacles & find what we need together. it’s worth it.

life is short…but you make it long for me
so stay a while let’s take it to the finish line.

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le progrès paris

le progrès || 1 rue de bretagne, le marais district, paris, france

fee fie foe foie,
i smell the cafe full of cool parisians.

why this is my favorite cafe:

1. they don’t have a website [aka they are snobbish cool, just like you & me]

2. they are located in the middle of a 6-street intersection = massive people-watching haven

3. their food is solid. yum.

4. this is the hip hangout with cool [and pretty] people & right next door to a modeling agency & various fashion houses. models & artists central.

5. their servers are consistently entertaining. [one tried to "pimp out" his younger colleague to us...]

with all the positives, i was able to forgive them for not having wifi.

my favorite here, salade gourmande au foie gras + magret de canard fumé: foie gras + smoked duck breast + haricots verts + tomatoes + greens, drizzled with the perfect citrus vinaigrette 20140805-175541.jpgsalad la parisienne: ham + cheese + egg + tomatoes + simple greens 20140805-175640.jpgcool artifacts…20140805-175725.jpgthen i spy 3 guys…20140805-175801.jpghow to pick up on 3 [cute] guys?20140805-175835.jpgpretend to have a parisian cigarette “vogue” right behind them & eavesdrop [like a super creeper] & wait for the right moment to attack start up convo…20140805-180204.jpgphotobomb-kiss by a passerby. i was caught & the targets are leaving…20140805-180308.jpgmission failed. pretend nothing ever happened. denydenydeny. 20140805-180352.jpggoodbye. we’ll never see you again.20140805-180447.jpgbut tomorrow will be another day! 20140805-180541.jpg
and then le progres revisited…
20140805-180648.jpgback for lunch with my favorite, the lovely fashionista paula! and it happens to be her birthday today!!! parabéns linda!20140809-183730.jpgif it’s delicious, why not get it again? their foie gras has that extra spark in it, infused with magical wine & such. perfect. more than reasonably priced. 20140809-183757.jpgsteak tartare was seasoned well.20140809-183826.jpgcafe viennois was our staple caffeine. yum.20140809-185646.jpgand finally, our last visit here was a wonderful farewell of whiskey drinking games + adventures + lotto tickets.

you win some, you lose some.
but whœuf they are handsome.

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matignon paris

matignon || 3 avenue matignon, 75008, paris, france || +33 1 42 89 64 72

all dolled up & red. lot of red lights.20140725-011920.jpg
let’s take a moment to appreciate the spinning birdman in the back. and then the brilliant lawyers in the making. 20140725-011935.jpg
mandatory selfie.20140725-011945.jpg
and finally. what have we got here. jacques. if not for the scene, the beautiful people, the french accents, the birdman, the cool dj, the food, then come for mister maitre’d of the year. whœuf.

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