bouley 163 duane st, new york, ny 10013

enter the fresh apple farm

the fresh apple library entrance

fantastic, fancy french fine dining for foodies by chef david bouley. jackets are required for the boys while the ladies should keep it classy. prepare for a 2-3 hour lunch/dinner, best enjoyed with good company + intelligent conversation. for the stellar quality & service, it’s quite a steal, especially for lunch.

other than my obsession with foie gras, [i still need to try it here] i’m not too crazy about french food [mainly because of the fat the butter guilt], but bouley has become a favorite of mine. it has a peaceful ambiance [sometimes slightly uncomfortable at first if you’re more accustomed to loud places], except when i’m there. i would recommend the chef’s tasting but if you decide to order from the regular menu, you must get the porcini flan [x2] or be filled with regret for the rest of your life. some highlights of my visual + palate euphoria:

butternut squash puree w/pine nuts in a sack

butternut squash puree w/pine nuts in a sack – who wouldn’t enjoy that?


carpaccio of kampachi – young blue fin tuna + striped amber jack + microgreens

forager's treasure of wild mushrooms. [why does this sound dirty?]

forager’s treasure of wild mushrooms + grilled toro + black truffle dressing [why does this sound dirty?]

alaska live dungeness crab, black truffle dashi - ###YES###

PORCINI FLAN – alaska live dungeness crab, black truffle dashi – ###YES### is this love?

creamy something

eat the organic connecticut farm egg smothered in hollandaise-y cream slowly & carry a big crunchy cheesy stick – beware – pace yourself

organic long island duck,  organic golden nevada dates, hudson valley hand milled polenta, confit of young organic clementines - fantastic + rare

organic long island duck, organic golden nevada dates, hudson valley hand milled polenta, confit of young organic clementines – fantastic + rare // butter-mashed potato heaven in a tiny dish on upper left

palate cleansers + palate contaminators

palate cleansers + palate contaminators: tangerine, clementine, mandarin parfait
& lychee sorbet // chocolate soufflé w/white coffee cloud, coffee ice cream, chocolate mousse // hot caramelized anjou pear + hot toffee sauce // petit fours


the lovely french loo, les toilettes, a true selfie resting room

oh, and they have a parting gift: a splendid lemon pound cake for you to take home & reminisce the money moment you spent. this michelin-starred restaurant surely deserves a second star.

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pharrell, we meet again.

if you set your mind on something, you really can achieve it [or a version of it].

i first met pharrell at an mtv vma afterparty in 2007 in vegas, snuck some red carpet photos & thought to myself, wait, i want to be officially invited to the vma’s one day, soon, and not just as someone’s guest. sure enough, come 2008, i was cast in mtv’s bff show with paris hilton, & there i was, blondie, at the vma’s in la and tokyo, side by side the top musical talents in the nation. even famous tokyo talents wanted to take a photo with me [moi?]. more about all the drama my interesting experience on that show and its aftermath in a later post.

mtv vma's in tokyo, circa 2008. ok, that was a bad blonde day for me

mtv vma’s in tokyo, circa 2008. ok, that was a bad blonde day for me

mtv vma's in la, circa 2008

mtv vma’s in la, circa 2008

much better blonde day, paris hilton's hair launch 2008

much better blonde day, paris hilton’s hair launch in malibu 2008

anyhey,  on sept. 19th, the new yPlan app had their launch party in new york at finale, one of the newer clubs in ny that i enjoy revisiting occasionally, with pharrell performing several of everyone’s favorite tunes. he looked quite smooth in his cool hat + ice creams + all that swagger, but his polka dot cardigan was what stole everyone’s heart. this is not the usual party scene, so i was looking forward to who i might [not] meet. notable conversations of the night:

  • “can i make you my client? i can get you out of trouble & i will be better than the attorney[s] currently representing you.” [better than my sister & a greek god??] “no.”
  • “guess what i do for a living.” “i don’t know, from that sweatband you’re wearing on your head, a marathon runner? a sushi chef?”
pharrell & i at vegas vma after afterparty, circa 2007

an exhausted pharrell & a smiley sinsu at vegas vma after afterparty, circa 2007

pharrell & i at wip, with ice creamz

mouths-wide-opened pharrell & i at wip, my fabulous ice cream by onch, circa 2012


pharrell swaggerin, yplan launch party @ finale 2013


if you really want it put a yPlan ring/beer opener on it

now, to set my mind on my next goals…in the meantime, i’ll be searching for the perfect cocktail to share with you.

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oficina latina

oficina latina: 24 prince st. x mott.

simply splendid. reasonably priced. cool enough to walk in with a sombrero.

eclectic, casual feel as you walk into a latin american retreat. don’t mind the hostess – she might be busy txting on her phone, but there awaits so much more excitement in this unassuming soho gem.

highlights: i’m extremely skeptical when it comes to ceviche, especially scallops & shrimp – they are too often overcooked and dry. here, they were perfect.


fresh scallop ceviche topped w/caviar


vieras al horno – baked scallop topped w/shellfish, chorizo, cilantro breadcrumbs – scallops were still at a perfect rareness.


suckling pig taco + garlic aioli mayo. yes fatty pork, the fat i need for the winter.


favorite cocktails: [very] spicy prickly pear margarita, spicy mango capirinha, ginger lychee margarita


more faves: blackberry capirinha, avocado cilantro margarita, non-spicy prickly pear mojito


passion & love = rum + lines of raw sugar, cinnamon, coffee bean grinds. the only lines anyone should ever do.


chocolate ganache & tres leches de naranja – classic desserts done right

regrettably not pictured: t-shirts that read “suck my cocktails”

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fashion week foliage

gatsy-esque fringe skirt by liucia

gatsby-esque fringe skirt, jeweled wristlet & clutch by liucia

i’m ready to hang out with nick & jay in my favorite liucia gear. highlights of the night:

  1. giving getting an unmistakable love stare from supermodel coco rocha & taking a selfie with her. from our brief moment [trying to get her to join me @ manon hah!], i was inspired. she wears her short hair with so much sex, i’m tempted to chop off my mane again [finally] so i can donate to locks of love.
  2. running into gerard caruso, artistic director of rusk [one of the sponsors of nolcha fashion week] whom i met when i modeled for rusk hair products while back.
  3. ono e-cigs. something to replace my drinking habits perhaps…
selfie with coco rocha

selfie with coco rocha #toosexyforthecatwalk

during a media event, i found these gems. thank you to homanz for these lovely pieces – can’t wait to sport these!

bags by homanz

bags by homanz – hong kong to new york

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trattoria il mulino grand opening by grubman pr

trattoria il mulino: 36 e. 20th st, ny, ny 10003

trattoria il mulino

sequined dress by liucia
italian leather clutch by liucia

on sept 3rd, i attended their grand opening event by grubman pr. one of the highlights was meeting the infamous lizzie grubman herself – from just a quick encounter, i was in awe. [girl power!] i had initially mistakened her story for that of heidi fleiss [how did that mix-up happen?] the other was the live jazz entertainment from the talented underground horns. the food & ambience was a more casual but trendy version of the west village’s dimly lit & serious il mulino. never-ending hors d’oeuvres and cocktails circulated, which all looked delicious, from octopus skewers to crab cakes to filet mignon on toasties. i was on a raw fish + vegetable diet, so i couldn’t try much but everyone seemed satisfied. passion fruit cocktail was amazing. overall, a great addition to gramercy.

had to take a selfie to showcase the gorgeous wall of smooth white stones.

had to take a selfie to showcase the gorgeous white marble-stoned wall


being a diva on the drums

buzzkill of the night: old man in a 12-piece suit in the unisex restroom did not lock his door. he had just finished zipping, whew. iShut door quickly. iHide. iAvoid. he found me & struck up conversation:

“you almost caught me there! hahhahahah”

my reply w/a grumpy cat face: “good thing i missed it. you should lock your door.”

i learn later that he was actively asking around what celebrities were in attendance, clearly to leave traps doors unlocked. photographer sean smith caught the moment when i transformed into sailormoon. for more photos of the food + night, click here.

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