drum roll… per se

per se || 10 columbus circle #4, new york, ny 10019 || (212) 823-9335

per se probably needs no introduction but that just wouldn’t be proper. it has been long awarded with 3 michelin stars and maintained its status with good reason, thanks to chef thomas keller who ingrains the perfectionism into this establishment. this was a peaceful marriage between my eyes, tastebuds, and stomach and all senses, if that were to ever exist. my adventure from the 7 course lunch of 4 hours:


afraid and/or excited selfie


amouse bouche, salmon tartare on a cone

note the houndstooth theme on their plate sets and even the dinner cloth.


“oysters & pearls” – sabayon of pearl tapioca + island creek oysters + sterling white sturgeon caviar


i love sodium! various salts from rare places + different eras, to be paired with the foie gras to give different overtones & WOW to each bite


“torchon of elevages perigord moulard duck foie gras” – foie gras is my achilles heel. this was as delicious as it looked


“hawaiian heart of peach palm bavarois” – hearts of palm salad that initially sounded boring, but boring it was never.


pretty bread i took a mini bite of just so i could taste their fresh butter


more bread choices. if you have a spacier stomach, feel free to indulge in their breads. otherwise, pace yourself!


“boudin de homard” – lobster pudding w/cauliflower purée + garden state peaches + piedmont hazelnuts + caper nuage (cloud)


“four story hill farm’s suckling pig porchetta” w/brentwood corn + oregon chanterelle mushrooms + pea tendrils + aji dulce peppers


the magic box of australian black winter truffles!!! don’t judge a book by its cover, otherwise truffles would be deemed as disgusting.


charcoal grilled snake river farms’ calotte de beouf w/yukon gold potato rings + persian cucumbers + heirloom carrots + kendall farms crème fraîche


the sinsu cocktail: st. germain elderflower liquor + grey goose vodka + hibiscus syrup + grapefruit juice. success! they had an extensive list of wines & scotches but as for the cocktail menu, i wasn’t inclined to order any of them & kindly requested my own concoction :D


“assortment of desserts” part 1: fruits


“assortment of desserts” part 2: ice cream


“assortment of desserts” part 3: chocolates


“assortment of desserts” part 4: “candies”


the per se parting gift tin box of chocolate cookie sandwiches


photo sesh time!


commanding the art direction…or pointing out we’ve closed up shop, yet again.


the per se photo sesh isn’t complete until you’ve taken a tour of their kitchen & waved hello to the chefs over at french laundry via their live video conference

merry xmas for your mouth & eyes!

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baoburg || 126 n. 6th st., brooklyn, ny 11211 || 718.782.1445

yes, brooklyn. williamsburg, brooklyn. don’t you know that this is the new hipster area? if not, then you’re not as hip as i thought you were. :) nevermind that someone might have once frightened you by saying the residents dress like homeless people with iphones or that they are spoiled lazy hipsters – clearly, that’s false. if you’re a manhattanite or simply someone up for a [small] road trip and you are feeling so inclined to venture out into bk, this is the place to start!

it could not be more accurately self-dubbed as “the art of culinary in the heart of williamsburg.” i stumbled into this wonderful, reasonably-priced gem shortly before its official grand opening in october and had a chance to meet the young & awesome chef bao bao herself. the space is intimate – you can easily eavesdrop on others’ conversations even if you’re trying hard not to be creepy nosy – but very well put to use with a dark, sexy, stylish decor. it’s a 12-seater that screams exclusive & perfection yet approachable & accessible, unlike other 10-12 seat restaurants that can be pretentious and burn holes in wallets take months for reservations. there is an open kitchen where you can admire the chef & her team’s brilliance as well as enjoying the fumes of all things you haven’t [yet] ordered. their cuisine is french with spanish & asian influences – well that just seems like the perfect fusion.

here are the delicacies during their opening event: my favorite must-get is listed first, the seared duck ramen, which will soon be on every ramen addicts’ top 10 list. it is so tasty yet so guilt-free:


perfectly seared duck breast on fresh thick ramen, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms & poached daikon radish in duck consomme.


brie, walnuts, honey on toast – a classic but done so well!


roasted beets + whipped goat cheese + pistachios


smoked salmon toast bites


rare & tender steak, cauliflower pureé, caramelized carrots, sautéed mushroom ragout & a lot of YUM.


crab cake – on the heavier side, but great


hello chef bao bao!!!


enjoying a rosé & a scrumptious shrimp head

apparently, they have amazing options called sober bao and hangover bao served during brunch. i will definitely be revisiting baoburg very soon to share with you their daytime offerings.

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jean-georges || 1 central park west, new york, ny 10023 || (212)299-3900

gluttony is a sin, but not during thanksgiving, and definitely not in new york, so there wouldn’t be a more appropriate time to share with you my experience with the 3 michelin-starred restaurant’s impressive autumn tasting menu [with wine pairing, well why not?]. it was such a delightful experience + the portions are an agreeably abundant amount for humans. let the drooling glory begin:


refreshing amuse bouche


toasted egg yolk, caviar, & herbs


japanese snapper carpaccio, ginger, white radish, olive oil


fresh santa barbara uni toast


grilled foie gras dumplings, port glazed figs & passion fruit


arctic char, spiced jade emulsion and tender celeriac – only complaint was that the sauce was bit salty


steamed maine lobster, summer squash, yuzu vinaigrette


rare rack of lamb, smoked chili glaze, new onion compote, pole beans

i had to tap out on the last 3 after tasting just a bit to reserve a little space for the sweets!


unfinished glasses of wine from the pairing. *smh with disapproval* let the glasses never be empty!


late harvest dessert pairing


classic chocolate dessert tasting


palate cleansers


lavendar macarons + other weight increasers


using my hands, keepin’ it classy


shutting down the place, as per usual. oh hey, did you want me to leave yet?

so, do we feel heavier yet? awesome.

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