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“if there’s one thing i believe in, it’s love coffee + eastern medicine. “

this delicious + nutritious wake-me-up in my cup has instantly transformed into my new bff that keeps me focused and awake. as a new yorker busy-body, staying awake can be brutal, but ingesting an unreasonable amount of coffee into your system everyday can be worse if not done right. here’s the solution:

lingzhi mushroom is a supernatural mushroom. it possesses anti-tumor, anti-cancer, immunomodulatory and immunotherapeutic qualities, according to my wikipedia pals. it is magical. it is awesome. it is infused into this coffee. magical + awesome = yes. yes, you want to try it. yes, you’ll love it, just like i do. it’s like mixing st. germain elderflower liqueur+vodka in my kale+celery+cucumber+apple+ginger green juice. it’s heavenly, but you’ll need to see taste for yourself.

here is where you can find this treasure. my favorite flavors are the original black, latte, and cappuccino vanilla. i would recommend starting out with their essentials pack that has one of each flavor for you to try. fall in love a little. it’s been a while :)


love it. live it.

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happy new year from villa vecchia!


for some smiles + laughter in the new year, i present you my new band, self-dubbed the hottest new girl band [in costume] created at the infamous villa vecchia! here’s a silly ridiculous cute snippet of the newest tune inspired by recent events – enjoy!

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