sushi sasabune – beverly hills

sushi sasabune || 9162 w. olympic blvd, beverly hills, ca 90212 || (310) 859-3878

“my phone died.” – that’s what she said…

i’ve got no fish to show you this time because my phone died right when my delicious dinner started. i have a few things to point out though. i enjoyed this sasabune in la [the original] much more than the one in new york. why would i ever like anything in la over ny?

1. better company
2. less claustrophobic space

this casual setting, just like in new york, helped me stick out like a silly, overdressed tourist stand out in my 6 inch michael kors + fluffy ruffly bcbgmaxazria romper. so much leg, so much heel, so much dressiness, so much too much. whatever. i wanted to look good for my fish date.

i want my mirugai and eat it too. so i did.

sushi yasuda in ny told me most japanese places in the u.s. don’t serve mirugai [jumbo clam] anymore because the chinese have almost fully monopolized the hoarding [surprise!] and the server also thought i was strange to order carb-free sashimi omakase without the rice, so he put the sushi chefs through sushi hell to make me smaller rice balls that i still wouldn’t eat, wtf. here, i had my mirugai, and loved it. i also binged on mirugai at mori sushi recently too, which i will post some cute close-ups of them soon! other favorites here that were notable: toro, abalone, ikura, uni. they were out of amaebi [live sweet shrimp] & ika [squid] when i got there :( my favorites list has trimmed down a bit, just like my circle of friends. i know what i want and i keep the good ones close. you don’t keep enemies [or irritating people] close[r] anymore – that’s such an idiotic complete effin waste of your good time outdated saying. we’re not stuck in high school mentality [although some are, unfortunately, and i hope that they will advance into adulthood]. is it terrible i’m comparing my friends to fish?

a few photos pre-phone death:


in ny, this msg is engraved onto their glass window


my view of the sushi bar + chefs from my table through a lovely piece of glass art


proof i was there selfie – check.


random msg on the chopsticks wrapper – check.

“delicate snowflakes rest on warm, sweet rice beds flavors intertwined. translucent jewel – (sliced) natural perfection – slide into my mouth. trust me!” – that’s what she said chopsticks wrapper.


random insert of my lil boy wolfie – check. he missed me while i was at dinner.

overall, fresh, delicious + nutritious!

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lalala llama


shangri llama, yorba linda, california

“have you ever been told that you look like a llama?” – flight of the conchords, ‘hurt feelings’

there is a new series on starz digital called llama cop set to premiere april 1st, and the wrap party was at yorba linda’s beautiful private ranch calling shangri-llama, full of gorgeous [hairy] stylish llamas, with matching witty names like barack o’llama, como t. llama, pajama llama, dalai-llama, & drama-llama. i couldn’t refuse the invite.


llama selfie!

this is the 2nd time in my life i’ve gotten to such close proximity with llamas. first time was years ago at a malibu ranch for a walmart commercial shoot where i needed rescuing when a horse ended up chewing on my ruffled sleeve & sucked on my shoulder – sexy, i know.


who has better hair??

so here, i had to pay extra close attention to not stand in their line of [spit]fire [especially during my selfies], where llamas apparently like to spit at each other – whether it’s food in their mouths or some other unidentifiable substances. danger. we were instructed to feed them all simultaneously or a never ending jealousy war of spitting was sure to occur.


wearing bcbgmaxazria’s [ny]black ruffled romper. i wanted to make a good impression on them.


selfie with the star of the show!


is it me or does he look pervie? can’t trust light-haired, blue-eyed boys…


como t. llama?




i gotta llama mi mama…

and the winner of the most fashionable goes to…


this llama – look at the cut, the color, the textures, the attitude!


feeding this guy…


i’ve got your food…oh won’t you come hither now?


llama-shy, llama-struck.

what an adventure – worth the trek out to outer space yorba linda! llama love <3

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20140218-213110.jpg like or mayday

“one day…you made my heart go pitter patter…”

valentine’s day should be everyday if you’re dating/in a relationship. as should christmas. is that too much to ask for?

“with this attitude, you’ll never find a guy.”

well wtf. i want my cake & chocolates & truffles & eat them too. [i partially blame new york and the rest is the drought]. finding a “guy” is easy. finding a perfect quality guy i like is hugely difficult, and finding a quality one i like who is compatible and patient with my idiosyncrasies is even harder. and then finding one who lives in the same city as i do and not just visiting is rare. and then there are my phobias…and then a million other things…maybe i just want cats.


selfie in a hexagon-breasted bcbg dress to lighten up the mood. getting ready for the ball!


girls’ night out with audrey hepburn always looking so glam, so refined.


entrance: no, probably not. actually, no way.


festively valentine’s day themed scenery of bel air’s brooklawn black tie charity event for the wounded warriors project


hug me, call me, maybe. kinda cute or needy?


this heart caught my eye. nerdy + dorky cute


this was pretty. pretty like prom.


at 1 am, the party was still packing it in surprisingly for la. this event also shut down @ 2 am.

distance makes the heart grow fonder…for some. when there’s not enough space, it’s suffocating…unless you’re this boy here:


meet jonny wolfgang rascal, aka “wolfie” my valentine. #jonnywolfgangrascal #wolfie


wolfie woofs me! learning on the iPadAir to become a tech genius #nerd

but hey, being single should never be a bad thing [especially in new york]. explore the world, learn more about yourself. there’s no hurry. if it’s not right, you can always have some dogs and cats. but since there is extra love in the air today, it’s only appropriate to say that i’m grateful for the amazing people in my life who continue to inspire, motivate, & support me in all their wonderful ways! thank you.


grumpy cat, one day, you’ll be mine.

cheers to love, life, & magical moments. believe it.

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prime 112 steakhouse – miami

prime 112 || 112 ocean drive, miami beach, fl 33139 || (305) 532-8112


he: “you do realize you might possibly be at the most crowded bar tonight.”

.rando continues barking screaming so i interrupt, in my most calm, non-snobberish, non-condescending, almost perfectly british tone.

me: “let me be the mediator here. clearly it was an accident. so let’s get over it & just move on.” *smile*

.crisis averted.

me to he: “don’t worry, i got your back. “


aside from the almost mini-brawl by the cramped busy waiting bar initiated by an obnoxious idiot angry girl, all was well after our party of 12 was seated. if a fight went down, it could have possibly been the ugliest hottest catfight of 10 girls during christmas week in miami – however, we kept it classy, and crisis was averted. we win!


grab a rose or get kicked out of the game!


2 lovebirds. caviar deviled eggs.


3’s a crowd so we got 2 dozen.


minimalist. almost depressing, but positively delicious.


my filet mignon, black & blue. perfect.


hello 50 lb maine lobster. the most expensive main course on the menu – fun!

didn’t have the time or space to enjoy any desserts. as most steakhouses are, their servings were gigantic and appetizers seemed like 5 handfuls. come hungry and ready for a fight feast!


post-dinner adventures. not too shabby view of miami, but still not new york!

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