holiday cheers

happy holidays from st. barths & st. martin. my first time visiting, and it was fantastic — i was in such great company of popstars like one direction rock stars so full of life + positivity + laughs, and of course i lugged my martin guitar out there for musical inspiration + entertainment. allow me to introduce to you, my new friend aka hippo & the new boy band i named, four direction – the new definition of heart throbs.

more coverage soon. xx

happy birthday wolfie

thankful for this handful of joy, whose name is wolfie. full name, jonny wolfgang rascal co 

it’s his birthday now, december 2nd & he turns 2 today. a little wiser, a little cuter, same level of douchey doge. here are a few early photos from the stroke of midnight:
  more soon on the homemade dog-friendly pumpkin pie for the cutie pie that is prince wolfie. 🐕   

 yes, i got him a unicorn piñata for him to destroy at his birthday fiesta. 

…to be continued.