“where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” 

– rumi

when you survive any tragic incident, there is a long road to recovery oftentimes. [that explains my hiatus of many months] now i present to you a very helpful guide for this upcoming saturday, january 21st, 10 am, commencing at independence ave sw x 3rd st sw, washington, dc:

women’s march prep [for new yorkers & all them betches]

1. external chargers & plugs

2. shots of whiskey

3. map printouts in case phone dies abruptly 

4. government id 

5. shareable sharpie (write your name, emergency contact & allergies on your arm) 

6. shots of vodka 

7. wear all your hillary/obama/women/lgbt pins that u spent good money or time to get

8. tech gloves [c’mon it’s 2017], scarves, hats 

9. comfy shoes [no heels although tempting]

10. warmspot/hotspot locations to recharge

11. shots of rum, think nomadic pirate life

12. contagious, empowering attitude 

helpful links: 

road closures + safe havens
women’s march

election day

i bled, i cried, i laughed, i fell, but i picked myself back up. i saw fear, i witnessed hate, but i felt the love + excitement that awaits. 

’twas a brief moment of hell on this spell. 
#vote #maythegoodprevail #imwithher #strongertogether #saveUSA #hillary2016 #potus

deal me in

raw + uncensored: this is my fight song for #hillary2016 inspired by speeches & topics you may find familiar. share if you like it. sing along if you can. comment on your favorite parts. [add instruments/mix it up if you’re a musician/dj]. dance to it [naked] if you dare.💃 but most importantly, vote #hillyes to #saveUSA 🇺🇸#hillaryclinton #imwithher #strongertogether #clintonkaine2016 #potus #obama #women #music #mtv #nyfw #singersongwriter #nyc #grassroots 🎥: Jon

for the HD version, here’s the fb version.

perfectly imperfect

another original song, perfectly imperfect. if this doesn’t melt your pant[ie]s off then you might be a robot. enjoy xx 

i’m with her

snippet of my fight song for hillary 2016. proper video of the full version soon.  let’s go win this effin’ thing. #strongertogether 

princess or queen

princess or queen? jealous or crazy? yes obsessed with beyonce’s lemonade, particularly that song. aren’t we all?

every stone has a different energy. every crystal has a different meaning. this one is for sobriety, how appropriate.

i didn’t choose it – it chose me.

this smooth & sexy amethyst from brazil has ventured many miles to find me. if only true love could do such a thing. 

sexy edgy rock n roll pheromones oozes out of this gem, no joke. thanks for helping me out with the game, ’cause i’ve got none. 

look up my rockstar friend @justinbmontoya on ig for more of his custom made jewelry featuring exquisite stones & precious metals from his exciting travels across the world. 

how i wore it:

georgetown waterfront yachting ready:

hamptons chic ready: 

cheers to sobriety! 


“this is what it sounds like when doves cry.” 

a sad song for a sad day…here’s one of my originals…we can weep together. you’re not alone.

cinematography by jon chen 

i had a pleasant encounter with prince a few years ago, at a lounge in los angeles called bardot. it involved dancing [to all his songs] alongside his sexy sweat + magical presence with a small group of a few chosen ones. ’twas a special night.  

even many more years back, i had a conference call with a music manager & his sister sharon nelson about an opportunity in becoming one of his backup singers for his next tour. 

a moment of silence in purple [which is also my favorite color], as the world turns purple for the beloved prince: an inspirational, visionary icon, musical genius, & progressive humanitarian. learning even more aspects of his life in the last 24 hrs have been enlightening & i am further motivated to be better, all across the board.

 a real life unicorn has left us, too soon. 

“how can you just leave me standing, alone in a world that’s so cold?” 


rest in royal purple, prince. ‚ú®  

and bowie in january?  

farewell, my goblin king.  

“as the world falls down…”

more tribute to the greats who have left too soon…

april, birthmonth

thank you for bearing with me during my hiatus – i’m certain you spent that time away from me extremely wisely. 

april, the joy of being an aries! as excited as heidi klum is for her annual out-of-this-world halloween bash, i feel this same way for my birthday. it is the blood i need to survive, the sushi that keeps me breathing, the inspiration that makes me who i am. this year’s theme was sinsurella 2016, an 18th century ball where cinderella & marie antoinette’s worlds collide. 

“o, let them eat cake.”

i will be sharing the pretty pictures of the vanity fair night starting at zuma with the great people in my life [and the amazing food + excitement] with you shortly…but for now, the night ended something like this:

sleeping or texting?  

probably both. but i am not responsible for anything “weird” you may have received from me 😛 

on valentine’s day

valentine’s day…it’s just another day. if you love someone, you don’t need a specific occasion to show it. i dare you to show it all the time.

here’s my latest spontaneous creation + impromptu late night video inspired by love, valentine’s, heartaches, heartbreaks, life, and sparked by seth meyers’ quote about not shaving since thanksgiving. :D

p.s. the dark video is intentional – raw, dark & moody, just like my emotions [& how i like my men steaks]. it’s not about me, but more about the pretty sparkling tears [and superficial bling]. or excuses for not having proper lighting nor fixing it up in post. just deal with it. turn off all your lights, brighten up your screen to the max & enjoy! xx

for my past vday festivities, visit this fancy charity event in beverly hills to benefit the wounded warrior project.