“where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” 

– rumi

when you survive any tragic incident, there is a long road to recovery oftentimes. [that explains my hiatus of many months] now i present to you a very helpful guide for this upcoming saturday, january 21st, 10 am, commencing at independence ave sw x 3rd st sw, washington, dc:

women’s march prep [for new yorkers & all them betches]

1. external chargers & plugs

2. shots of whiskey

3. map printouts in case phone dies abruptly 

4. government id 

5. shareable sharpie (write your name, emergency contact & allergies on your arm) 

6. shots of vodka 

7. wear all your hillary/obama/women/lgbt pins that u spent good money or time to get

8. tech gloves [c’mon it’s 2017], scarves, hats 

9. comfy shoes [no heels although tempting]

10. warmspot/hotspot locations to recharge

11. shots of rum, think nomadic pirate life

12. contagious, empowering attitude 

helpful links: 

road closures + safe havens
women’s march

election day

i bled, i cried, i laughed, i fell, but i picked myself back up. i saw fear, i witnessed hate, but i felt the love + excitement that awaits. 

’twas a brief moment of hell on this spell. 
#vote #maythegoodprevail #imwithher #strongertogether #saveUSA #hillary2016 #potus

april, birthmonth

thank you for bearing with me during my hiatus – i’m certain you spent that time away from me extremely wisely. 

april, the joy of being an aries! as excited as heidi klum is for her annual out-of-this-world halloween bash, i feel this same way for my birthday. it is the blood i need to survive, the sushi that keeps me breathing, the inspiration that makes me who i am. this year’s theme was sinsurella 2016, an 18th century ball where cinderella & marie antoinette’s worlds collide. 

“o, let them eat cake.”

i will be sharing the pretty pictures of the vanity fair night starting at zuma with the great people in my life [and the amazing food + excitement] with you shortly…but for now, the night ended something like this:

sleeping or texting?  

probably both. but i am not responsible for anything “weird” you may have received from me 😛 

blizzard 2016 

there’s snow place like home. home is where you are. wolfie enjoying his first experience with snow.  ❄️
this was what we waited 1 year for… all hail to the frozen tears of mother nature.

“…we’ll roast marshmallows by the fireplace as we whisper sweet nothings in our warm embrace.”

so of course i must re-share what i wrote for last year, inspired by people posting hilarious requests on craigslist searching for a [temporary] blizzard “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” enjoy.

stay warm & safe out there everyone. tempted to do a remake for the snow challenge. thoughts? volunteers?

for another fun video, [this time about football] go here. 

happy birthday wolfie

thankful for this handful of joy, whose name is wolfie. full name, jonny wolfgang rascal co 

it’s his birthday now, december 2nd & he turns 2 today. a little wiser, a little cuter, same level of douchey doge. here are a few early photos from the stroke of midnight:
  more soon on the homemade dog-friendly pumpkin pie for the cutie pie that is prince wolfie. 🐕   

 yes, i got him a unicorn piñata for him to destroy at his birthday fiesta. 

…to be continued.

heidi halloween

heidi klum + halloween…

THE infamous halloween bash of the year is hosted annually by supermodel heidi klum. the effort she & the team make in her costumes basically turns everyone into a basic b*tch puts everyone to shame. this year for her 16th annual party, although i arrived late [after surviving many obstacles & dramatic situations the day of] i was able to make it and witness her amazing transformation as jessica rabbit. it was held at lavo in new york, sponsored by gsn’s hellevator show & svedka vodka, filled with celebs, reality stars, models, hotties, cool kids and the usual mix of douchebags. i would have loved to harass say hi to jLo if i had known that was her in costume nearby.

what i wore: designed & handmade by yours truly. thanks.

sinsu, daenerys, game of thrones, heidi klum, halloween

daenerys + rhaegal x3

i first obsessively viewed stills of daenerys on google, drawing inspiration from her actual wardrobe on the show, fan sketches, deviant art, other obnoxious random things that would pop up, and i came up with a rough idea of my rendition of her outfit for halloween. then i browsed endless fabric stores in search for fabric & textures that spoke to me: “hail!” they would say. [no, not crazy, they really did].

inside the party:

heidi klum instagram twitter

social media shiz

selfie, cuz.

selfie with rhaegal, cuz.


selfie w/rhaegal + devilish pumpkin


superman taking a picture of us

here’s a cute photo of me & heidi — yes we’re matching. it’s cute.

getty images, sinsu co, heidi klum, lavo ny, halloween, jessica rabbit, daenerys, game of thrones

photo by mike coppola, getty images.

rhaegal decides to video bomb heidi’s sexy glam fabulous performance as jessica rabbit. of course he would. #middlechildproblems || video snippet below:


questlove? on the deck! with a giant version of his infamous afro comb.


the mesmerized crowd while heidi flaunts her new curves as jessica rabbit


mets? clown boy is not entertained.


rhaegal wants a piece of the selfie cookie.

a handful of #selfiecookies were provided at every vip table, with images of heidi klum’s past costumes for halloween. i tasted one, and it seemed like a fairly healthy light chocolate coconut cookie. cool.


game of thrones meets day of the dead.



“lean on yourself. okay,” i said to myself.


closer look at my creation.

then change of scenery to meet up w/the girls…


found this snuggle muffin.

earlier halloween parties i stopped by must be included in this post, clearly. so here they are:

feeling regal like the queen in my gorgeous feathered neckpiece by katie kansas. love her stuff. delicate, sparkly black & gold mask from my last trip to venice, italy. linda is wearing a gold fringe neck piece made by me, which you might have seen before here.


photo by bill chin.


[black] swan princess costume. tutu by Lolli Popitt. feather headpiece by katie kansas, crown segment by me.


closer look at my makeup. [crown needs fixing]


another day, another masquerade


guess who?

finally, halloween is over. but it doesn’t mean the costumes + masks ever end. let’s just try to keep it real.

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i ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…but she’s drippin’ in gold in san francisco during the gold rush.

my recent trip to san francisco proved to be quite festive, with the main excitement being the infamous gold party thrown annually for the past 5 years, with each year outdoing its previous one. this was the perfect event to rock out in fabulous headpieces & neck gear — designed, personalized & hand-crafted by yours truly specifically for this grand evening.


ride or die [in gold] til the end

the wonderful host of the party

our wonderful lively host of the party

step & repeat is just all gold

step & repeat is just all gold

the chandelier.

the chandelier.

the satellite.

the satellite.

the golden mason jars.

the golden mason jars.

the fantastic tattooed airbrush artist.

the fantastic tattooed airbrush artist.

the forbidden fruit.

the forbidden fruit.

the cosmo jello w/gold droplets.

the cosmo jello w/gold droplets.

the flame thrower

the flame thrower.

the gold-starred chocolate cakes.

the gold-starred chocolate cakes.

the bling.

the bling. [with thoughts of wolfie]

the boyfriend i found - he doesn't speak much.

the boyfriend i found – he doesn’t speak much.

the candid moment.

the candid moment.

the gold masks & chains on a vintage piano.

the gold masks & chains on a vintage piano.

behind the scenes, before the party, is the party at the hotel lobby…which usually means slr’s and selfies. “make yourselves at home,” the perfectly fit & well-proportioned height x weight x everything adorable bell boy said as he greeted us. oh we did, thank you.

IMG_9341.JPG IMG_9343.JPG IMG_9342.JPG IMG_9346.JPG IMG_9345.JPG IMG_9347.JPG IMG_9348.JPG

and this concludes the photo sesh at the marker hotel, and scenes from the gold party. more soon about my visit to alcatraz…


happy new year! i rang in the new year doing what i love — singing a few songs by the piano with a talented pianist…


sing your heart out & don’t lose yourself

hanging with friends…



enjoyed another awesome show by the charming burnt sienna boys.


dj spin on the set


and another take

thank you tomas loewy for the lovely photos. more photos soon as they’ll be rolling in [slowly but surely as everyone recovers from their hangovers] but for now you can visit my ig @sinsuco

here’s to an amazing year filled with love and happiness for all!

indochine’s 30th anniversary

indochine’s 30th anniversary, cheers!

“you look like sex in the city…but younger.”

i took it as a compliment graciously and hurried off before he could scrutinize the ever-so-classy run on my hosiery.


sometimes i’m ready. sometimes i’m awkward. photo by michael stewart.

following photos of fun with bff suheyla on the red carpet by aurora rose de crosta


favorite clutch by liucia


photobombed by a pink & sparkly chinese dragon [for good luck and fortune].


i am riding wearing it.


i have enslaved the dragon as my new photo prop

as promised, part 2 [revised 11/12]: more debauchery photos & stories from the actual party inside:

caption contest. notice, guy on the left.

the thing about indochine: this sexy restaurant serving french vietnamese fare has been able to keep their wow factor for their loyal [very fashionable] crowd that keeps returning for more, and it must have some magic to draw in the new, unlike other fleeting venues in new york that come & go, leaving no lasting impressions [like the girl/boy you forgot you ever made out with].


new fave on the menu: sea bass carpaccio topped with wasabi tobiko, microgreens, chili, & a super appetizing citrus dressing.

so m.a.c. cosmetics hosted their big 3-0 birthday bash, themed red decadence. i nibbled on their delicious hors d’oeuvres, mingled with beautiful people, rubbed elbows with designers such as john varvatos, richard chai, and the blonds, watched the performances by company xiv whose artistic director has caught the eyes of even baz luhrmann, so i’ve heard.
20141112-233007.jpg 20141112-232955.jpg20141112-233044.jpg20141112-233030.jpgthere were masks, there were feathers, there were cages, there were sparkly pasties + nipple tassels, and there was a photobooth!


pictured with a photobooth bomber acquaintance

it was a truly glitzy, nipple-revealing glamorous party, dubbed the biggest bash of the year.


and another…thanks michael stewart

and now more flashbacks:

indochine’s 25th anniversary party


shanghai 1920’s theme


the opium den…

the dancers are using chinese weapons as their dancing poles

the dancers are using chinese weapons as their dancing poles. cute.

indochine pig

pigging out at the party. the usual.

happy 30th birthday, indochine!!!

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