masquerade…pretty faces on parade. 20141106-215345.jpgwearing lolli poppit’s tutu + a second tutu underneath to give it more volume. pink metal mask from venice.20141106-215401.jpgi like masquerades but when it comes to halloween, i’m not the most festive. perhaps it’s because almost everyday feels like dress-up for me, like this ballerina look, styling also by lolli poppit & another favorite, liucia:


“is that a watch on your finger or are you just excited to see me?”


as he tried to touch my venetian beak, i pulled away & said, “no i don’t think so.” he pouted underneath his mask, & said in complete dejection, “you suck.” then he scurried off.

off with his head, she said. 20141106-224045.jpg
red: the color of hearts, diamonds, love, & death.20141106-233834.jpgand then there’s wolfie, the batdoge, not loving halloween at all, but a decent photo was captured of him half-dressed.

that’s my halloween round-up for you! now cheer yourself up by watching jimmy kimmel’s “i told my kids i ate their halloween candy” challenge.

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llama cop premiere

a llama always has a smile on his face, and it’s infectious.


on april 1st, the biggest, coolest april fool’s nationwide was having a real llama walk through the velvet ropes of new hollywood hotspot bootsy bellows [compared to the likes of the box in new york] named after co-owner david arquette’s mother’s burlesque stage name. the premiere for the new starz digital web series, llama cop has finally arrived with a big bang in the club, a debut on tmz, and a notice from the public health department threatening to shut it down [or give it a silly slap on the wrist, but either way, marketing genius for the show + club worldwide]. exclusive evidence that this was real life & that alcohol was served within the club premises with a live llama follows:








someone went crazy with the champagne selfies. it’s not everyday a llama walks into the bar…and i’ve met him before…


with the 2 starz of the show, como t. llama [in a tux] and walter masterson [where’s yours?!]


walter giving us a pre-screening speech, and como t. llama giving me the llove stare.


3 men & a llama…in a photobooth


pose, pose. who needs a red carpet when you can have a llama cop?


como t. llama was not ready to leave the club after the premiere… *smirk*


instead of smothering faces with a hot groupie at the premiere, he just wanted some hay. that’s a classy llama.

for more photos of the llama star & his friends [dalai llama, barack o’ llama, pajama llama, drama llama] back in his fancy shangri-llama ranch before he was splashed all over tmz, now famed like serge [the llama kidnapped by those silly drunk brilliant kids from a zoo & brought around for a fun night out], visit the la la llama post here from their wrap party, without the silly harness [like he would ever bite c’mon. he only spits]. otherwise, enjoy their trailer & show! congrats guys!

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oscars 2014 – fame & philanthropy charity gala

everybody comes to hollywood
they wanna make it in the neighborhood
they like the smell of it in hollywood
how could it hurt you when it looks so good?

part of the excitement of the oscars is the fashion and afterparties – i was grateful to be invited to the fame & philanthropy charity gala. all i knew was that it was hosted by james cameron [yes!]. what a happy surprise to know that charlize theron was also going to make an appearance [love her work, ever since devil’s advocate #girlcrush] as well as halle berry and many of the greats.

as we ubered our way up the fancy bumper-to-bumper hills of beverly past the peaceful green vineyard and onto the tower road estate where the gala occurred, we passed the red carpet, the quick way.



photo of the chaos


the beautiful grand entrance to the main ballroom


james cameron making his inspirational speech

whether it is giving a physical helping hand, or in financial ways, or motivational speeches, or the power of the voice, social media or whatnot – whatever way you can afford to give – it is infectious and it is wonderful. i recommend it. now back to the festivities.


i found scotch, or scotch found me. our table had mostly vodka + muscat so we did some exploring.


selfie of the evening #nofilter, just the lighting from the evening’s color scheme.


ran into bff ex-colleague paris hilton [we worked together on mtv show] looking gorgeous in a sparkly golden dress. her table in the ballroom was right next to ours & yet too many ppl surrounded her so i opt out of stepping over others and ripping dresses trying to say hello


#tbt press event with paris hilton in malibu, when i was blondie


#tbt interview/show day in new york for tv guide and tyra show


our table looked elegant [initially] but this was the mess toward the end


lighting. along the theme of virgin america flights.


a great sparkly non-selfie photo. #youcantsitwithus especially if you’re creepy!


stafford brothers go time!


lighting fixture or purple matrix?


the magazine of the evening


great speech by james cameron


ne-yo performs!


dj paris hilton is on!


lights, camera, action. i counted 44.


walk of fame, not walk of shame. [wit credit: lmo. photo credit: cute valet boy]

so it was a pleasant evening filled with the beautiful, the brave, the generous [$100k vip tables], the creatives, meeting new friends and running into old ones. but all good things come to an end, and here i waited for my valet on the sunset strip in west hollywood [with the majestic columned stairwell of my favorite japanese restaurant katana in the backdrop]. keepin it classy, even the day after. til the next black tie!

i lost my memory in hollywood
i’ve had a million visions, bad and good
there’s something in the air in hollywood
i tried to leave it but i never could

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lalala llama


shangri llama, yorba linda, california

“have you ever been told that you look like a llama?” – flight of the conchords, ‘hurt feelings’

there is a new series on starz digital called llama cop set to premiere april 1st, and the wrap party was at yorba linda’s beautiful private ranch calling shangri-llama, full of gorgeous [hairy] stylish llamas, with matching witty names like barack o’llama, como t. llama, pajama llama, dalai-llama, & drama-llama. i couldn’t refuse the invite.


llama selfie!

this is the 2nd time in my life i’ve gotten to such close proximity with llamas. first time was years ago at a malibu ranch for a walmart commercial shoot where i needed rescuing when a horse ended up chewing on my ruffled sleeve & sucked on my shoulder – sexy, i know.


who has better hair??

so here, i had to pay extra close attention to not stand in their line of [spit]fire [especially during my selfies], where llamas apparently like to spit at each other – whether it’s food in their mouths or some other unidentifiable substances. danger. we were instructed to feed them all simultaneously or a never ending jealousy war of spitting was sure to occur.


wearing bcbgmaxazria’s [ny]black ruffled romper. i wanted to make a good impression on them.


selfie with the star of the show!


is it me or does he look pervie? can’t trust light-haired, blue-eyed boys…


como t. llama?




i gotta llama mi mama…

and the winner of the most fashionable goes to…


this llama – look at the cut, the color, the textures, the attitude!


feeding this guy…


i’ve got your food…oh won’t you come hither now?


llama-shy, llama-struck.

what an adventure – worth the trek out to outer space yorba linda! llama love <3

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pharrell, we meet again.

if you set your mind on something, you really can achieve it [or a version of it].

i first met pharrell at an mtv vma afterparty in 2007 in vegas, snuck some red carpet photos & thought to myself, wait, i want to be officially invited to the vma’s one day, soon, and not just as someone’s guest. sure enough, come 2008, i was cast in mtv’s bff show with paris hilton, & there i was, blondie, at the vma’s in la and tokyo, side by side the top musical talents in the nation. even famous tokyo talents wanted to take a photo with me [moi?]. more about all the drama my interesting experience on that show and its aftermath in a later post.

mtv vma's in tokyo, circa 2008. ok, that was a bad blonde day for me

mtv vma’s in tokyo, circa 2008. ok, that was a bad blonde day for me

mtv vma's in la, circa 2008

mtv vma’s in la, circa 2008

much better blonde day, paris hilton's hair launch 2008

much better blonde day, paris hilton’s hair launch in malibu 2008

anyhey,  on sept. 19th, the new yPlan app had their launch party in new york at finale, one of the newer clubs in ny that i enjoy revisiting occasionally, with pharrell performing several of everyone’s favorite tunes. he looked quite smooth in his cool hat + ice creams + all that swagger, but his polka dot cardigan was what stole everyone’s heart. this is not the usual party scene, so i was looking forward to who i might [not] meet. notable conversations of the night:

  • “can i make you my client? i can get you out of trouble & i will be better than the attorney[s] currently representing you.” [better than my sister & a greek god??] “no.”
  • “guess what i do for a living.” “i don’t know, from that sweatband you’re wearing on your head, a marathon runner? a sushi chef?”
pharrell & i at vegas vma after afterparty, circa 2007

an exhausted pharrell & a smiley sinsu at vegas vma after afterparty, circa 2007

pharrell & i at wip, with ice creamz

mouths-wide-opened pharrell & i at wip, my fabulous ice cream by onch, circa 2012


pharrell swaggerin, yplan launch party @ finale 2013


if you really want it put a yPlan ring/beer opener on it

now, to set my mind on my next goals…in the meantime, i’ll be searching for the perfect cocktail to share with you.

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