’twas such a pleasure meeting olivia wilde. girlcrushing charmed [as if i wasn’t already] at nylon magazine’s event celebrating olivia on their cover. one of the parting gifts was a cute cereal box of olivia & a t-shirt with their latest cover printed on it. superb.

olivia wilde sinsu co nylon magazine

like an over-excited child, circa 2011

sinsu co nylon magazine

apple cheeks. cereal box to keep forever.


curling my hair on virgin america flt jfk-lax & straight to the event. #itswhatido

meadowland, the directorial debut of cinematographer reed morano, stars olivia wilde and luke wilson: “in the hazy aftermath of an unimaginable loss, married couple sarah and phil come unhinged, recklessly ignoring the repercussions.” chills ran down my spine + tears ruined my [waterproof] mascara throughout the film = proof of a job well done by all of the brilliant cast & crew.

meadowland olivia wilde

film still from meadowland

but what a powerful and captivating performance by olivia. moreover, it was during the q&a after the film screening where she continued to shine even more as an awesome, inspirational human being while she shared her stories with reed & the journey to get this film made, as well as the positive & bullsh*t negative experiences in the industry overall. empowering. cheers, ladies! i’m inspired and working on a new song now.

olivia wilde

oops, photobombed. #squadgoals

thanks for keepin’ it real, olivia.


film still from meadowland

meadowland is at select theaters & also on demand via itunes now. enjoy.

usher yacht

i know him…

“you walked into the party, like you were walking onto a yacht…”    – carly simon.

but i was walking onto a yacht. classified as a mega yacht part of fleet miami, usher is a luxurious 154-footer that i have known since 2013. even before he became a movie star in the infamous entourage film opening today, june 3rd, he is no stranger to hosting supermodels, actors, musicians, lively personalities, & movers and shakers across the world. here is an inside look of some photographs of our relationship i’ve compiled over the years.

when we first met during the xmas/new year holiday season of 2013, i thought wow, he’s huge…



take note of the flawless detailing from exterior to interior…






variety of seashells from the seashore + glistening sand encased in the glass coffee tables reveal an art lover, reminiscent of the beach life that is often simultaneous to a yacht life.


long table screamed out photo-op, so i got up on top.


beautiful automatic glossy glass doors.


sun deck for your tanning pleasure, fully stocked with plush towels & various sunblock & skin products.


proper table to catch up with some work on your ipad.


the indoor bar which can also be transformed into a small gambling table…


i met usher again during his maiden voyage to new york city in the summer of 2014, and of course, i had to play him a few new songs of mine.


then again for thanksgiving of 2014…he hasn’t changed much. still majestic. still tip top cream of the crop.


the usher staff patiently awaits our next request, whether it be photos or drinks…IMG_0336

the hot tub on the 3rd deck which i’m sure will be highly featured in the film alongside naked scantily clad bodies.


view from the 3rd deck.



the view from the control center


jelly fish at their best.


dinner napkin holders are even in theme. golden sea grapes or coral reef?IMG_0343

i hear that a fantastic james beard award-winning chef, jarle saupstad, has graced usher’s presence with delectable delights onboard. hello foodies!



different guitar, same yacht.


the view from the hot tub on the top deck. IMG_0351all aboard! for roughly 3 unicorns and your nyu tuition $200K a week, you can also enjoy this luxurious yachting experience at its finest. til we meet again, usher! i cannot wait for you to see my new blondie look. au revoir!

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