oficina latina

oficina latina: 24 prince st. x mott.

simply splendid. reasonably priced. cool enough to walk in with a sombrero.

eclectic, casual feel as you walk into a latin american retreat. don’t mind the hostess – she might be busy txting on her phone, but there awaits so much more excitement in this unassuming soho gem.

highlights: i’m extremely skeptical when it comes to ceviche, especially scallops & shrimp – they are too often overcooked and dry. here, they were perfect.


fresh scallop ceviche topped w/caviar


vieras al horno – baked scallop topped w/shellfish, chorizo, cilantro breadcrumbs – scallops were still at a perfect rareness.


suckling pig taco + garlic aioli mayo. yes fatty pork, the fat i need for the winter.


favorite cocktails: [very] spicy prickly pear margarita, spicy mango capirinha, ginger lychee margarita


more faves: blackberry capirinha, avocado cilantro margarita, non-spicy prickly pear mojito


passion & love = rum + lines of raw sugar, cinnamon, coffee bean grinds. the only lines anyone should ever do.


chocolate ganache & tres leches de naranja – classic desserts done right

regrettably not pictured: t-shirts that read “suck my cocktails”

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trattoria il mulino grand opening by grubman pr

trattoria il mulino: 36 e. 20th st, ny, ny 10003

trattoria il mulino

sequined dress by liucia
italian leather clutch by liucia

on sept 3rd, i attended their grand opening event by grubman pr. one of the highlights was meeting the infamous lizzie grubman herself – from just a quick encounter, i was in awe. [girl power!] i had initially mistakened her story for that of heidi fleiss [how did that mix-up happen?] the other was the live jazz entertainment from the talented underground horns. the food & ambience was a more casual but trendy version of the west village’s dimly lit & serious il mulino. never-ending hors d’oeuvres and cocktails circulated, which all looked delicious, from octopus skewers to crab cakes to filet mignon on toasties. i was on a raw fish + vegetable diet, so i couldn’t try much but everyone seemed satisfied. passion fruit cocktail was amazing. overall, a great addition to gramercy.

had to take a selfie to showcase the gorgeous wall of smooth white stones.

had to take a selfie to showcase the gorgeous white marble-stoned wall


being a diva on the drums

buzzkill of the night: old man in a 12-piece suit in the unisex restroom did not lock his door. he had just finished zipping, whew. iShut door quickly. iHide. iAvoid. he found me & struck up conversation:

“you almost caught me there! hahhahahah”

my reply w/a grumpy cat face: “good thing i missed it. you should lock your door.”

i learn later that he was actively asking around what celebrities were in attendance, clearly to leave traps doors unlocked. photographer sean smith caught the moment when i transformed into sailormoon. for more photos of the food + night, click here.

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