tribute to the greats…

new lyrics:

glass walls paper trails small doors evil prevails
pink sheets hard knocks wake up early morning talks
big plans bigger dreams lost sound muffled screams
private jets city lights honking horns island life
mask and hide run & shout not everything always works itself out

too many leave too soon — by choice, by accident, by predisposed conditions, by fate — regardless, each & every single one, special in their own way, special to those around them, special to those moved by them all across the world.

please tell us that you haven’t really given up yet
don’t leave us it’s not time to go it’s not your last set

if death by suicide, whatever the underlying demons may be, i believe many of those premature deaths could have been [and therefore should always be] prevented or even further delayed if the necessary & sufficient support and help was available.

there can be complete darkness…and then you can find light. the battle may be more difficult than you’ve ever imagined & may even seem impossible but you can. it’s true. we can.

flowers grow angels fall people cheat nature calls
fancy yachts blotted ink power draughts & broken syncs
mermaid runs lights retreat smoking kills with weak defeat
lipstick red million lies, figure me out you win in life
moving up slowin down hurry up or i’ll steal the crown

20140812-034710.jpgrest in peace robin williams. you’re a genie-us and your brilliance lives on. thank you for the laughs.
rest in peace leslie cheung — hong kong superstar, true mover & shaker of his time. founder of cantopop & definition of beyond sexy. watch days of being wild and happy together for starters. listen to his beautiful cover of a classic chinese song here.
rest in peace anita mui — hong kong superstar, mover & shaker of the same era, dubbed as the madonna of asia. my all-time favorite song of hers here.
leslie cheung + anita mui [sporting a fake ‘stache, nbd] = hong kong royalty + cantopop & cinema heaven. both unafraid to take risks in their roles, their careers, constantly pushing boundaries while challenging & inspiring their audience. their music is available on spotify. treat yourself to some of their classic films for a true hk cinematic experience. you can start with the award-winning rouge.
rest in peace heath ledger. “you’re just too good to be true…”

there is always meaning & purpose. let’s overcome the obstacles & find what we need together. it’s worth it.

life is short…but you make it long for me
so stay a while let’s take it to the finish line.

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