novikov – london

novikov || 50a berkeley st., london || +44 20 7399 4330

touchdown [fancy] londontown!

this dark [yet perfectly lit for footos: foodie photos], decadent, festive, sexy venue filled with beautiful people [with british accents] & especially fresh seafood [+wifi!] deserves a proper standing ovation, so here it is:
20140714-141458.jpgles poissons, les poissons…20140714-141628.jpghee hee hee…20140714-141658.jpghoh hoh hoh…20140714-141716.jpgafter saying hello to the kitchen staff & shaking hands with the lively seafood on display, onto the real excitement – the eye candy food & beverages:20140714-142922.jpgfrom the bar area, starting with perfectly crafted espresso martinis – not overly sweet like one too many places.20140714-143538.jpgas we venture over to our table, the dining room faces the fresh seafood flown in first class from various parts of the world + the seemingly open kitchen for you to enjoy the art of cooking segregated by a glass wall so as not to ruin the scent of our carefully slathered perfumes [or colognes].20140714-144358.jpgshrimp dumpling topped with ikura.20140714-144442.jpglangoustine carpaccio – YES.20140714-144606.jpgo-toro, you’re so fatty. hotate, you’re so hot. YES.
20140714-144821.jpgikura, you’re so ballsy. YES.20140714-144956.jpg[edible?] floral drinks for the ladies. 20140714-145058.jpgcrispy fatty duck with microgreens, pomegranate, pine nuts = mixed guilty + guilt-free feelings cancel out = nonetheless, delicious.20140714-145256.jpgking crab legs cooked with superman butter.20140714-145338.jpglightly seared razor clams in a citrus sauce – YES.20140714-145439.jpgspicy sea bass in an orange sauce [think fancy orange chicken] – not my favorite but still done well.20140714-150325.jpgcrispy soft shell crab – yum.20140714-150402.jpgi changed it up to a whiskey-based drink served in bamboo for a tropical effect. for dessert, we had few more espresso martinis – they were consistently great. overall, wonderful experience! bravo novikov!

next stop: the rififi club [members only] for restaurateur arkady novikov’s newest creations. more soon!

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baoburg || 126 n. 6th st., brooklyn, ny 11211 || 718.782.1445

yes, brooklyn. williamsburg, brooklyn. don’t you know that this is the new hipster area? if not, then you’re not as hip as i thought you were. :) nevermind that someone might have once frightened you by saying the residents dress like homeless people with iphones or that they are spoiled lazy hipsters – clearly, that’s false. if you’re a manhattanite or simply someone up for a [small] road trip and you are feeling so inclined to venture out into bk, this is the place to start!

it could not be more accurately self-dubbed as “the art of culinary in the heart of williamsburg.” i stumbled into this wonderful, reasonably-priced gem shortly before its official grand opening in october and had a chance to meet the young & awesome chef bao bao herself. the space is intimate – you can easily eavesdrop on others’ conversations even if you’re trying hard not to be creepy nosy – but very well put to use with a dark, sexy, stylish decor. it’s a 12-seater that screams exclusive & perfection yet approachable & accessible, unlike other 10-12 seat restaurants that can be pretentious and burn holes in wallets take months for reservations. there is an open kitchen where you can admire the chef & her team’s brilliance as well as enjoying the fumes of all things you haven’t [yet] ordered. their cuisine is french with spanish & asian influences – well that just seems like the perfect fusion.

here are the delicacies during their opening event: my favorite must-get is listed first, the seared duck ramen, which will soon be on every ramen addicts’ top 10 list. it is so tasty yet so guilt-free:


perfectly seared duck breast on fresh thick ramen, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms & poached daikon radish in duck consomme.


brie, walnuts, honey on toast – a classic but done so well!


roasted beets + whipped goat cheese + pistachios


smoked salmon toast bites


rare & tender steak, cauliflower pureé, caramelized carrots, sautéed mushroom ragout & a lot of YUM.


crab cake – on the heavier side, but great


hello chef bao bao!!!


enjoying a rosé & a scrumptious shrimp head

apparently, they have amazing options called sober bao and hangover bao served during brunch. i will definitely be revisiting baoburg very soon to share with you their daytime offerings.

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louro, a special chef’s tasting

louro 142 w. 10th st., new york, ny 10014
(212) 206-0606

this festive, chic west village feel and not-too-dimly-lit lighting was perfect for obnoxious food photos foodies yet maintained a flawless, flattering skin tone for the vain the guests.

what a wonderful evening of exquisite chef’s tasting + cocktail pairing, designed by chef russell jackson. the french-asian fusion was perfectly crafted to balance light + heavy ingredients, leaving us completely satisfied, in the eyes, the taste buds, & the stomach. there was no menu. a list of ingredients prior to that evening was disclosed, but i wasn’t aware of it so everything came as a surprise for me.


starting off right: 50 yr old seagram’s – who knew he’d be so smooth? the only 50 yr old i’d ever do :)


perfectly chilled, rare duck spring roll + chili ponzu. delish + spicy.


fresh uni + pesto sorbet + tarragon foam + pistachios = MY FAVORITE


half-demolished chilled pork cheek cubes, fluke sashimi, tapioca, plum puree, smothered in szechwan oil + shiso leaf + rice crisp // cocktail: housemade vodka + ginger + kombucha


mouth-watering, charred pork belly, mussels, clams, turnip, radish, shiitake, baby carrots in saffron broth // cocktail pairing worth mentioning: bacon-infused old overholt bourbon


sacrificed rare lamb to a tender perfection + spicy xo sauce + tofu purée + purple rice


foie gras caramel + toffee crunch + miso ice cream + anise chocolate = grand finale

the excitement at this table of foodies was contagious, and presumably above & beyond louro’s usual clientele, & accounted for by everyone surrounding us with their looks of questionable envy curiosity + admiration. the chef himself stopped by to say hi & share with us an old bottle of scotch he has yet to break open, and the bottom looked like colonies of gold crystals ready for attack. we didn’t have any that evening. we didn’t need anything else.


restroom selfie post-dinner, to ensure i was still presentable

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