masquerade…pretty faces on parade. 20141106-215345.jpgwearing lolli poppit’s tutu + a second tutu underneath to give it more volume. pink metal mask from venice.20141106-215401.jpgi like masquerades but when it comes to halloween, i’m not the most festive. perhaps it’s because almost everyday feels like dress-up for me, like this ballerina look, styling also by lolli poppit & another favorite, liucia:


“is that a watch on your finger or are you just excited to see me?”


as he tried to touch my venetian beak, i pulled away & said, “no i don’t think so.” he pouted underneath his mask, & said in complete dejection, “you suck.” then he scurried off.

off with his head, she said. 20141106-224045.jpg
red: the color of hearts, diamonds, love, & death.20141106-233834.jpgand then there’s wolfie, the batdoge, not loving halloween at all, but a decent photo was captured of him half-dressed.

that’s my halloween round-up for you! now cheer yourself up by watching jimmy kimmel’s “i told my kids i ate their halloween candy” challenge.

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in the elevator with nicole miller


50 shades of purple. iSmiled!

nicole miller x scene magazine showcased nm’s fall collection on the pleasant rooftop of the W downtown. naturally, i gravitated toward the eye candy bar to see what tonight’s selection would be.


brunette red & white wines & carefully crafted cocktails for the event.


of course i had to try the nicole miller cocktail


rainbow glowballs. the night is complete.


elevator selfie w/creepy handsome greek god – i had to.

as i left the event in a full elevator, i realized [only afterwards] that the woman next to me speaking of her fringe bangs was nicole miller herself. if i had known earlier, i would have been obnoxious told her i love her designs so much that i wore her dress 2x for 2 different events & was photographed in them:


1st time wearing nicole miller lbd @ my aussie friends’ film premiere in vegas. clutch by liucia & shoes by b by aperire. photo by erik kabik.


supporting my favorite aussies [natalie walker & ben knight] at their film premiere, holding a summery kimono clutch by liucia.

2013-10-11 00-25-20_Patrick McMullan Company

and then wearing the same nicole miller again but this time with a blazer @ carbon’s spring charity soiree #oopswhatevs

i missed the hors d’oeuvres so i cannot comment on them, but who needs to eat when i’m already attending a bunch of tastings back to back?! i do, actually.


trippy clockwork orange-esque lighting + reflections @ the w lounge downstairs to end the night.

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