dirty xmas dinner

what an exhilarating experience this xmas — hosting a “dirty” xmas dinner party. since we’re all adults now, i thought i’d pen a filthy uniquely festive dinner menu:


“he knows if you’ve been bad or good” …that creeper. #badsanta

dirty xmas dinner menu
december 25, 2014:


mistletoe makeout: champagne + herb roasted kale chips


racks on racks on santa: whole milk ovoline + vine tomatoes + alcoholixir balsamic reduction
crème de la snowmån: cambozola + swiss + wine fondue & grapes + turkey for dipping


filthy animal: beef short rib braised in 4 hours of nitty gritty love + red wine


felíz phallicity: truffled oyster & royal trumpet mushroom medley

green light especiál: canes & balls for shady elves
double d rendezvous: twice baked candied yams topped with snow white

naughty cocktails
secret santa sauce: blueberry, pineapple, apple blended with pinot grigio + stoli elīt vodka  topped with magical foam
rudolph’s red rocket: hibiscus, passion fruit, mango, lemongrass, rose hips infused with 50% iichiko shochu & stoli elīt vodka + chia seeds

photos to follow soon. :D

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dear irving

dear irving || 55 irving place, 2nd floor, ny ny

crystal crystals, everywhere, and there’s even delicious cocktails to drink.
this new addition has stolen a piece of my heart. its aesthetically pleasing decor is on point, reminiscent of its older sibling & also a longtime favorite of mine, raines law room, with the extra glitz from the curtains of sparkling crystals literally everywhere. think the cosmopolitan hotel in vegas, or hotel lisboa in macau.
20140922-165646.jpgit is a speakeasy-esque themed non-speakeasy, with no hidden entrance but a glamorous celebration of the great times after the silly ridiculous prohibition era, with carefully crafted libations of course. bravo to interior designer, delphine mauroit — inspired by the film “midnight in paris,” she takes you on a time travel from the jfk times to our favorite gatsby, then abe lincoln, then finally marie antoinette.
definitely try the “whiskey business: rye, anchilo chile liqueur, cinnamon, lemon, angostura bitters for those who like a kick, a whiskey backbone with a smoked pepper pop”
great thing is there are more food options than raines…and did i read foie gras parfait? needless to say, i will be returning to try more.
you don’t even need to go far for a decent selfie. tabletops are mirrored.
20140922-172227.jpgbut if you must, here is a gorgeous mirror in one of the restrooms.


the buzzers for each table light up when you ring the “bell” at your table when you need service. 20140922-174311.jpg
[new york] girls just wanna have fun…& crystals & delicious cocktails & great food & just everything really.

thank you to the team behind raines for this beautiful piece of work.

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oficina latina

oficina latina: 24 prince st. x mott.

simply splendid. reasonably priced. cool enough to walk in with a sombrero.

eclectic, casual feel as you walk into a latin american retreat. don’t mind the hostess – she might be busy txting on her phone, but there awaits so much more excitement in this unassuming soho gem.

highlights: i’m extremely skeptical when it comes to ceviche, especially scallops & shrimp – they are too often overcooked and dry. here, they were perfect.


fresh scallop ceviche topped w/caviar


vieras al horno – baked scallop topped w/shellfish, chorizo, cilantro breadcrumbs – scallops were still at a perfect rareness.


suckling pig taco + garlic aioli mayo. yes fatty pork, the fat i need for the winter.


favorite cocktails: [very] spicy prickly pear margarita, spicy mango capirinha, ginger lychee margarita


more faves: blackberry capirinha, avocado cilantro margarita, non-spicy prickly pear mojito


passion & love = rum + lines of raw sugar, cinnamon, coffee bean grinds. the only lines anyone should ever do.


chocolate ganache & tres leches de naranja – classic desserts done right

regrettably not pictured: t-shirts that read “suck my cocktails”

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