on valentine’s day

valentine’s day…it’s just another day. if you love someone, you don’t need a specific occasion to show it. i dare you to show it all the time.

here’s my latest spontaneous creation + impromptu late night video inspired by love, valentine’s, heartaches, heartbreaks, life, and sparked by seth meyers’ quote about not shaving since thanksgiving. :D

p.s. the dark video is intentional – raw, dark & moody, just like my emotions [& how i like my men steaks]. it’s not about me, but more about the pretty sparkling tears [and superficial bling]. or excuses for not having proper lighting nor fixing it up in post. just deal with it. turn off all your lights, brighten up your screen to the max & enjoy! xx

for my past vday festivities, visit this fancy charity event in beverly hills to benefit the wounded warrior project.


i ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger…but she’s drippin’ in gold in san francisco during the gold rush.

my recent trip to san francisco proved to be quite festive, with the main excitement being the infamous gold party thrown annually for the past 5 years, with each year outdoing its previous one. this was the perfect event to rock out in fabulous headpieces & neck gear — designed, personalized & hand-crafted by yours truly specifically for this grand evening.


ride or die [in gold] til the end

the wonderful host of the party

our wonderful lively host of the party

step & repeat is just all gold

step & repeat is just all gold

the chandelier.

the chandelier.

the satellite.

the satellite.

the golden mason jars.

the golden mason jars.

the fantastic tattooed airbrush artist.

the fantastic tattooed airbrush artist.

the forbidden fruit.

the forbidden fruit.

the cosmo jello w/gold droplets.

the cosmo jello w/gold droplets.

the flame thrower

the flame thrower.

the gold-starred chocolate cakes.

the gold-starred chocolate cakes.

the bling.

the bling. [with thoughts of wolfie]

the boyfriend i found - he doesn't speak much.

the boyfriend i found – he doesn’t speak much.

the candid moment.

the candid moment.

the gold masks & chains on a vintage piano.

the gold masks & chains on a vintage piano.

behind the scenes, before the party, is the party at the hotel lobby…which usually means slr’s and selfies. “make yourselves at home,” the perfectly fit & well-proportioned height x weight x everything adorable bell boy said as he greeted us. oh we did, thank you.

IMG_9341.JPG IMG_9343.JPG IMG_9342.JPG IMG_9346.JPG IMG_9345.JPG IMG_9347.JPG IMG_9348.JPG

and this concludes the photo sesh at the marker hotel, and scenes from the gold party. more soon about my visit to alcatraz…

super bowl balls

super bowl xlix

what’s sexier than a girl wearing a victoria’s secret bra? a girl wearing 3: 1 bra on the usual, 2nd for my right shoulder, & a 3rd for the left. #shoulderpads

celebrating super bowl balls! sing along with me if you will…

feb 2nd [add-on]: did you love it or hate it? what a game, especially from a non-avid football game watcher! the ads however were mostly disappointing — some being a complete waste of good money. definitely enjoyed the viagra fiat and the mercedes [tortoise + hare] commercials the most. halftime show: missy elliot, awesome as usual. katy perry, vox on point but wardrobe? 1st hot wheels gear should be illegal, 2nd [slightly better] transformed her into a hot dog on a stick girl jumping on lemons for fresh lemonade. the later outfits were bearable. the shooting star made the show seem like it was for little children at disneyland.

the dogpiles, awesome. the big fightclub near the end of the game made me bit nervous but so entertaining.

anyhey, congrats, pats!!! ‘merica!

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indochine’s 30th anniversary

indochine’s 30th anniversary, cheers!

“you look like sex in the city…but younger.”

i took it as a compliment graciously and hurried off before he could scrutinize the ever-so-classy run on my hosiery.


sometimes i’m ready. sometimes i’m awkward. photo by michael stewart.

following photos of fun with bff suheyla on the red carpet by aurora rose de crosta


favorite clutch by liucia


photobombed by a pink & sparkly chinese dragon [for good luck and fortune].


i am riding wearing it.


i have enslaved the dragon as my new photo prop

as promised, part 2 [revised 11/12]: more debauchery photos & stories from the actual party inside:

caption contest. notice, guy on the left.

the thing about indochine: this sexy restaurant serving french vietnamese fare has been able to keep their wow factor for their loyal [very fashionable] crowd that keeps returning for more, and it must have some magic to draw in the new, unlike other fleeting venues in new york that come & go, leaving no lasting impressions [like the girl/boy you forgot you ever made out with].


new fave on the menu: sea bass carpaccio topped with wasabi tobiko, microgreens, chili, & a super appetizing citrus dressing.

so m.a.c. cosmetics hosted their big 3-0 birthday bash, themed red decadence. i nibbled on their delicious hors d’oeuvres, mingled with beautiful people, rubbed elbows with designers such as john varvatos, richard chai, and the blonds, watched the performances by company xiv whose artistic director has caught the eyes of even baz luhrmann, so i’ve heard.
20141112-233007.jpg 20141112-232955.jpg20141112-233044.jpg20141112-233030.jpgthere were masks, there were feathers, there were cages, there were sparkly pasties + nipple tassels, and there was a photobooth!


pictured with a photobooth bomber acquaintance

it was a truly glitzy, nipple-revealing glamorous party, dubbed the biggest bash of the year.


and another…thanks michael stewart

and now more flashbacks:

indochine’s 25th anniversary party


shanghai 1920’s theme


the opium den…

the dancers are using chinese weapons as their dancing poles

the dancers are using chinese weapons as their dancing poles. cute.

indochine pig

pigging out at the party. the usual.

happy 30th birthday, indochine!!!

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