baoburg || 126 n. 6th st., brooklyn, ny 11211 || 718.782.1445

yes, brooklyn. williamsburg, brooklyn. don’t you know that this is the new hipster area? if not, then you’re not as hip as i thought you were. :) nevermind that someone might have once frightened you by saying the residents dress like homeless people with iphones or that they are spoiled lazy hipsters – clearly, that’s false. if you’re a manhattanite or simply someone up for a [small] road trip and you are feeling so inclined to venture out into bk, this is the place to start!

it could not be more accurately self-dubbed as “the art of culinary in the heart of williamsburg.” i stumbled into this wonderful, reasonably-priced gem shortly before its official grand opening in october and had a chance to meet the young & awesome chef bao bao herself. the space is intimate – you can easily eavesdrop on others’ conversations even if you’re trying hard not to be creepy nosy – but very well put to use with a dark, sexy, stylish decor. it’s a 12-seater that screams exclusive & perfection yet approachable & accessible, unlike other 10-12 seat restaurants that can be pretentious and burn holes in wallets take months for reservations. there is an open kitchen where you can admire the chef & her team’s brilliance as well as enjoying the fumes of all things you haven’t [yet] ordered. their cuisine is french with spanish & asian influences – well that just seems like the perfect fusion.

here are the delicacies during their opening event: my favorite must-get is listed first, the seared duck ramen, which will soon be on every ramen addicts’ top 10 list. it is so tasty yet so guilt-free:


perfectly seared duck breast on fresh thick ramen, bok choy, shiitake mushrooms & poached daikon radish in duck consomme.


brie, walnuts, honey on toast – a classic but done so well!


roasted beets + whipped goat cheese + pistachios


smoked salmon toast bites


rare & tender steak, cauliflower pureé, caramelized carrots, sautéed mushroom ragout & a lot of YUM.


crab cake – on the heavier side, but great


hello chef bao bao!!!


enjoying a rosé & a scrumptious shrimp head

apparently, they have amazing options called sober bao and hangover bao served during brunch. i will definitely be revisiting baoburg very soon to share with you their daytime offerings.

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