llama cop premiere

a llama always has a smile on his face, and it’s infectious.


on april 1st, the biggest, coolest april fool’s nationwide was having a real llama walk through the velvet ropes of new hollywood hotspot bootsy bellows [compared to the likes of the box in new york] named after co-owner david arquette’s mother’s burlesque stage name. the premiere for the new starz digital web series, llama cop has finally arrived with a big bang in the club, a debut on tmz, and a notice from the public health department threatening to shut it down [or give it a silly slap on the wrist, but either way, marketing genius for the show + club worldwide]. exclusive evidence that this was real life & that alcohol was served within the club premises with a live llama follows:








someone went crazy with the champagne selfies. it’s not everyday a llama walks into the bar…and i’ve met him before…


with the 2 starz of the show, como t. llama [in a tux] and walter masterson [where’s yours?!]


walter giving us a pre-screening speech, and como t. llama giving me the llove stare.


3 men & a llama…in a photobooth


pose, pose. who needs a red carpet when you can have a llama cop?


como t. llama was not ready to leave the club after the premiere… *smirk*


instead of smothering faces with a hot groupieĀ at the premiere, he just wanted some hay. that’s a classy llama.

for more photos of the llama star & his friends [dalai llama, barack o’ llama, pajama llama, drama llama] back in his fancy shangri-llama ranch before he was splashed all over tmz, now famed like serge [the llama kidnapped by those silly drunk brilliant kids from a zoo & brought around for a fun night out], visit the la la llama post here from their wrap party, without the silly harness [like he would ever bite c’mon. he only spits]. otherwise, enjoy their trailer & show! congrats guys!

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lalala llama


shangri llama, yorba linda, california

“have you ever been told that you look like a llama?” – flight of the conchords, ‘hurt feelings’

there is a new series on starz digital called llama cop set to premiere april 1st, and the wrap party was at yorba linda’s beautiful private ranch calling shangri-llama, full of gorgeous [hairy] stylish llamas, with matching witty names like barack o’llama, como t. llama, pajama llama, dalai-llama, & drama-llama. i couldn’t refuse the invite.


llama selfie!

this is the 2nd time in my life i’ve gotten to such close proximity with llamas. first time was years ago at a malibu ranch for a walmart commercial shoot where i needed rescuing when a horse ended up chewing on my ruffled sleeve & sucked on my shoulder – sexy, i know.


who has better hair??

so here, i had to pay extra close attention to not stand in their line of [spit]fire [especially during my selfies], where llamas apparently like to spit at each other – whether it’s food in their mouths or some other unidentifiable substances. danger. we were instructed to feed them all simultaneously or a never ending jealousy war of spitting was sure to occur.


wearing bcbgmaxazria’s [ny]black ruffled romper. i wanted to make a good impression on them.


selfie with the star of the show!


is it me or does he look pervie? can’t trust light-haired, blue-eyed boys…


como t. llama?




i gotta llama mi mama…

and the winner of the most fashionable goes to…


this llama – look at the cut, the color, the textures, the attitude!


feeding this guy…


i’ve got your food…oh won’t you come hither now?


llama-shy, llama-struck.

what an adventure – worth the trek out to outer space yorba linda! llama love <3

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