momofuku ko

momofuku ko

8 extra place, new york, ny 10003 || (212) 203-8095

throwback edition of my visit at the old location of momofuku ko when it was at 163 first avenue. seems right to post some heavy-duty places during the holidays.

bravo, david chang! but a 22-course lunch plus beverage pairing? how can anyone even possibly do this? monsters? or maybe if i wasn’t hungover. this casual 12-seat arrangement is up close and personal along the counter with the chefs working diligently preparing your dishes right in front of you. this was great for all the foodies because we like to stick our noses into everything and ask a lot of questions directly from the chefs who know exactly what everything is, where it’s from, the name of the pig…

it was overwhelming for me, but i’m not complaining. i only have photos of the 1st three courses out of 22 — embarrassing. if i had known no obnoxious foodie pictures were allowed, i would have whipped out my phone discreetly when i was closer to the last few courses which are usually more impressive, like the frozen slab of foie gras shaved onto a wonderful dish of i-can’t-recall-because-i-ate-it-and-have-no-memory-without-photos.

IMG_2235 IMG_2234

she: “sorry, we would like to ask you to refrain from taking pictures.”

me: “oh.” [boiling in misery & thinking to myself, why am i here? to enjoy the food & the moment?]

so i took photos in the loo. great selection of books. IMG_2240 IMG_2241

after a crazy, hearty meal of experimental fusion, i was greeted by this couple:


 “hey boys! where you goin, room for one more?”

the new momofuku ko now allows photos and is much spacier i hear, but i have yet to try. what a beautiful, [heavy] lunch…and dinner for the next 3 days. thanks. good night.

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