the all-star team behind this past weekend’s shoot for popfoods.tv, hosted by the infamous chef russell jackson, directed by raffi asdourian, shot by jon chen, and yours truly [me] as one of the special guests, along with award-winning, tv chopping star chefs lance knowling, and pastry chefs ashley holt & thiago silva. more soon. for now, you can drool over one of his recent tastings below and/or also a past tasting here at louro or the dirty bad santa xmas dinner party i hosted as the top chef.

the subculture dining experience: think a museum, with your favorite artist having an art installation ready for viewing, but only for a limited time — the bonus is you get to harass the chef himself and pull a portandia “can i see the chicken’s headshot & resume? did the chicken have a happy life?” kindly inquire about the dish choices and ingredients since the chef is in clear conversational view. foodies’ challenging questions are welcomed!

chef russell jackson has his “pop-up” tastings enjoyed at various locations, each with a different theme, different exciting courses, different wine pairings, simply different and full of surprises.

the chef at work, and we have the pleasure of watching him add final touches to each course, aka front row for a top chef competition.


avocado toast: compressed avocado, agua de chile, apricot ginger seed sauce, onion sprouts, crispy tostada
yucca: smoked in mesquite with spiced vinegar tapioca, orange mojo – great refreshing starter
paired with: anahitos


empanadas: foie gras in chile spice crust, & spruce smoked calabaza squash and crab, hazelnut, currants, queso fresca – very interesting.
paired with: orange sugar gin, french 75 finished with champagne


clams in pozole verde, poblano lime cumin broth, micro greens – excellent.

paired with: toasted kombu rum, velvet flurnum & green juice drink with muddled jalepeno


and what do we have here? brown paper bag…bringing you back to its roots


picadillo taco: aged cabbage, mexican creme, chile arbol salsa – amazing.

paired with: chile vodka, kummel, lime, pisco style


chicken roulade: crispy skin, rose petal mole sauce [perfected poached chicken breast might i add]


iberian carnitas press: cascbel adobo sauce & deep fried turnip, scallion ash, nori – something different.
main courses paired with: tobacco-infused rye, barolo, carbonated


palate cleanser: deep fried pineapple. dehydrated honey and chipotle salt


THIS MAGICAL DESSERT. in the glass for dipping: blue corn alote, chocolate, pilincco, buttered rum + buckwheat churros


redefining churros, with a fancy, intoxicating yet delicate flair.


loved it.IMG_1573.JPG

the redhot shot.IMG_1574.JPG

the pate de fruit, banana/dry rum

as per usual, i was quite behind on my cocktail pairings. amazing experience.

his next upcoming “art installation” is coming up and more info here! enjoy! 

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