“where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” 

– rumi

when you survive any tragic incident, there is a long road to recovery oftentimes. [that explains my hiatus of many months] now i present to you a very helpful guide for this upcoming saturday, january 21st, 10 am, commencing at independence ave sw x 3rd st sw, washington, dc:

women’s march prep [for new yorkers & all them betches]

1. external chargers & plugs

2. shots of whiskey

3. map printouts in case phone dies abruptly 

4. government id 

5. shareable sharpie (write your name, emergency contact & allergies on your arm) 

6. shots of vodka 

7. wear all your hillary/obama/women/lgbt pins that u spent good money or time to get

8. tech gloves [c’mon it’s 2017], scarves, hats 

9. comfy shoes [no heels although tempting]

10. warmspot/hotspot locations to recharge

11. shots of rum, think nomadic pirate life

12. contagious, empowering attitude 

helpful links: 

road closures + safe havens
women’s march