indochine’s 30th anniversary

indochine’s 30th anniversary, cheers!

“you look like sex in the city…but younger.”

i took it as a compliment graciously and hurried off before he could scrutinize the ever-so-classy run on my hosiery.


sometimes i’m ready. sometimes i’m awkward. photo by michael stewart.

following photos of fun with bff suheyla on the red carpet by aurora rose de crosta


favorite clutch by liucia


photobombed by a pink & sparkly chinese dragon [for good luck and fortune].


i am riding wearing it.


i have enslaved the dragon as my new photo prop

as promised, part 2 [revised 11/12]: more debauchery photos & stories from the actual party inside:

caption contest. notice, guy on the left.

the thing about indochine: this sexy restaurant serving french vietnamese fare has been able to keep their wow factor for their loyal [very fashionable] crowd that keeps returning for more, and it must have some magic to draw in the new, unlike other fleeting venues in new york that come & go, leaving no lasting impressions [like the girl/boy you forgot you ever made out with].


new fave on the menu: sea bass carpaccio topped with wasabi tobiko, microgreens, chili, & a super appetizing citrus dressing.

so m.a.c. cosmetics hosted their big 3-0 birthday bash, themed red decadence. i nibbled on their delicious hors d’oeuvres, mingled with beautiful people, rubbed elbows with designers such as john varvatos, richard chai, and the blonds, watched the performances by company xiv whose artistic director has caught the eyes of even baz luhrmann, so i’ve heard.
20141112-233007.jpg 20141112-232955.jpg20141112-233044.jpg20141112-233030.jpgthere were masks, there were feathers, there were cages, there were sparkly pasties + nipple tassels, and there was a photobooth!


pictured with a photobooth bomber acquaintance

it was a truly glitzy, nipple-revealing glamorous party, dubbed the biggest bash of the year.


and another…thanks michael stewart

and now more flashbacks:

indochine’s 25th anniversary party


shanghai 1920’s theme


the opium den…

the dancers are using chinese weapons as their dancing poles

the dancers are using chinese weapons as their dancing poles. cute.

indochine pig

pigging out at the party. the usual.

happy 30th birthday, indochine!!!

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sushi roku – pasadena

sushi roku || 33 miller alley, pasadena, ca 91103 || (626) 683-3000

now here’s a festive place paired with innovation, thus their appropriately self-dubbed innovative dining group. sushi roku is one of my favorites that have been around for years along with katana [my second home before moving out to ny + it’s wagyu week til march 9th!] which continues to have consistently amazing dishes. they reinvent their menu with new additions that mix classic items with edgy flavors that really excite your palette. aside from the great food, here’s a venue you can count on to look sexy, stylish, hip and complete with beautiful decor from top to bottom with great photo opps all around – selfies in the restroom will probably be more interesting than most places. feel free to wear your best to see & be seen, and maybe fall in love – this is applicable to their whole restaurant chain.

below are some of their newest items from this pre-oscar wknd treat:


fluke topped w/kumquat, yuzu citrus, & black salt on the side


tuna tartare with yuzu guacamole, soy truffle vinaigrette and black TRUFFLES.


filet mignon wrapped asparagus – delicious [although i personally would have preferred the meat uncooked or seared] but texture was still great.


lychee imperial – cocktail choice of the night – refreshing & not overly sweet.


hot oil-seared halibut with diced chili + scallions. one of my faves.


spicy jalapeño shots for the table!


my favorites on this queen-sized platter: amaebi (live sweet shrimp) w/caviar, uni w/black salt, the special baby ika (squid), spanish mackerel


girls w/the queen platter


sweet baked shrimp over uni risotto – YUM.


ankimo – monkfish liver pâté **fave**


deep fried shrimp heads from our amaebi – you can eat their tentacles + whiskers! try it!


tuna tataki + grilled shishito peppers & eggplants – enough to feed the tables around us!

“you’re so hot[ate], especially with those gold flakes & caviar on top.”


DISH OF THE NIGHT: hotate (live scallop) topped with caviar, pink peppercorn, & gold flakes. so pretty. so delicious.


valet car keys anyone? pls drive responsibly!

if you’re still out west, don’t miss their upcoming event at toranoko [restaurant by IDG partner michael cardenas] this friday, march 7th at 5 pm: mama musubi pop-up shop with guest appearance by london’s food freak, sir nigel white showcasing d’anconia art and sharing japanese food history.

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