blizzard 2016 

there’s snow place like home. home is where you are. wolfie enjoying his first experience with snow.  ❄️
this was what we waited 1 year for… all hail to the frozen tears of mother nature.

“…we’ll roast marshmallows by the fireplace as we whisper sweet nothings in our warm embrace.”

so of course i must re-share what i wrote for last year, inspired by people posting hilarious requests on craigslist searching for a [temporary] blizzard “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” enjoy.

stay warm & safe out there everyone. tempted to do a remake for the snow challenge. thoughts? volunteers?

for another fun video, [this time about football] go here. 

blizzard boyfriend

blizzard boyfriend

i’ve been rolling around seductively filthily in the snow. but i was also inspired by the recent craigslist ads in search of blizzard boyfriends + girlfriends for the deemed-to-be “historic” blizzard, so i wrote a new [silly] song yesterday & shot an impromptu video in the cold, no jackets involved. let me know if you hate it or love it.

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