happy birthday wolfie

thankful for this handful of joy, whose name is wolfie. full name, jonny wolfgang rascal co 

it’s his birthday now, december 2nd & he turns 2 today. a little wiser, a little cuter, same level of douchey doge. here are a few early photos from the stroke of midnight:
  more soon on the homemade dog-friendly pumpkin pie for the cutie pie that is prince wolfie. 🐕   

 yes, i got him a unicorn piñata for him to destroy at his birthday fiesta. 

…to be continued.

v.day like d.day or mayday

“one day…you made my heart go pitter patter…”

valentine’s day should be everyday if you’re dating/in a relationship. as should christmas. is that too much to ask for?

“with this attitude, you’ll never find a guy.”

well wtf. i want my cake & chocolates & truffles & eat them too. [i partially blame new york and the rest is the drought]. finding a “guy” is easy. finding a perfect quality guy i like is hugely difficult, and finding a quality one i like who is compatible and patient with my idiosyncrasies is even harder. and then finding one who lives in the same city as i do and not just visiting is rare. and then there are my phobias…and then a million other things…maybe i just want cats.


selfie in a hexagon-breasted bcbg dress to lighten up the mood. getting ready for the ball!


girls’ night out with audrey hepburn always looking so glam, so refined.


entrance: no, probably not. actually, no way.


festively valentine’s day themed scenery of bel air’s brooklawn black tie charity event for the wounded warriors project


hug me, call me, maybe. kinda cute or needy?


this heart caught my eye. nerdy + dorky cute


this was pretty. pretty like prom.


at 1 am, the party was still packing it in surprisingly for la. this event also shut down @ 2 am.

distance makes the heart grow fonder…for some. when there’s not enough space, it’s suffocating…unless you’re this boy here:


meet jonny wolfgang rascal, aka “wolfie” my valentine. #jonnywolfgangrascal #wolfie


wolfie woofs me! learning on the iPadAir to become a tech genius #nerd

but hey, being single should never be a bad thing [especially in new york]. explore the world, learn more about yourself. there’s no hurry. if it’s not right, you can always have some dogs and cats. but since there is extra love in the air today, it’s only appropriate to say that i’m grateful for the amazing people in my life who continue to inspire, motivate, & support me in all their wonderful ways! thank you.


grumpy cat, one day, you’ll be mine.

cheers to love, life, & magical moments. believe it.

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